De ce avem nevoie de o noua mitologie romaneasca

De ce avem nevoie de o noua mitologie romaneasca – Glosar Cer Furat

In literatura, filme si majoritatea aspectelor vietii de zi cu zi, de la jucarii pana la bere, gasesti simboluri ale mitologiei unor popoare. Legendele si miturile anglo-saxone, grecesti, etc si-au facut loc in lumea moderna. Acest lucru nu s-a intamplat prin magie. Cei care au provocat aceasta pastrare si imbogatire a culturii universale au fost acei oameni care nu doar au conservat legendele inaintasilor lor, ci le-au adaptat vremurilor in care traim.
Exista o intreaga literatura fantastica universala pe care o citesc cu placere. Aceasta imprumuta din mitologia germana, anglo-saxona sau irlandeza ori creaza mitologii complet noi plecand de la zeitati moderne (vampiri, mistborn, etc).

Am simtit insa intotdeauna un gol creat pe de o parte de faptul ca nu identificam mitologie romaneasca acolo si, pe de alta parte, de faptul ca singurele referinte la romani erau legate de vampiri intr-o forma comerciala si chiar antiromaneasca sau de calusari drept personaje negative in Dosarele X.

Eu cred ca putem face mai mult decat ceea ce se intampla acum. Trebuie sa ne construim/castigam si noi locul nostru in literatura fantastica contemporana universala. Putem fi scriitori mai buni sau mai slabi in tara noastra mica, insa atat timp cat nu citim ce se scrie afara si nu producem in limba engleza texte care sa aiba o componenta romaneasca, vom ramane doar niste amatori. Ne vom felicita intre noi pentru ceea ce scriem si atat.

Nu vreau sa par lipsit de respect fata de cei care definesc ce inseamna literatura romaneasca. SUNT complet lipsit de respect. Ma sufoc in lumea asta mica in care scriitorii isi impart timpul intre a conserva un sistem in care se mint pe ei insisi ca au valoare si a cersi atentia unor edituri care nu doar ca nu-i platesc, ci chiar le cer bani pentru a le publica cartile.

Eu am inceput. Este o incercare la inceput de drum, cu o povestire pe care o voi transforma la un moment dat intr-un roman. Multumesc prietenilor mei romani care ma citesc si cu ajutorul carora imi imbunatatesc textele, insa eu ii vreau pe toti cititorii de limba engleza aplecandu-si ochii asupra textelor mele si invatand ca aici, in Romania, exista o literatura bazata pe o mitologie minunata cu povesti si personaje frumoase.

Si cum orice povestire fantastica se termina cu un glosar:

Glossary – Stolen Sky

Naiads = female deities (Iele in Romanian)
Although they have been mentioned in the mythology of various countries, they only appear in a few regions of the Earth, were gates to another universe are identified. In Romania they are called “Iele”. Sightings of Iele are documented around the Peakless Mountain. Certain parts of the forest are forbidden to humans as are the Naiads’ Meadows.
They treat humans as an inferior species that exists only to do their bidding. When humans step on the trodden ground left behind by their dance, sleep under a tree that the Iele consider their property, drink from the springs or wells used by them, sickness will befall on the guilty. The one who randomly hears their songs becomes instantly mute.  Invisible to humans, there are, however, certain moments when they can be seen by mortals, such as when they dance at night. When this happens they abduct the victim, causing him to fall asleep with the sounds and the vertigo of the frenetic Hora, danced around him, who then disappears forever without a trace.

Ogre = supernatural being (Zmeu in Romanian)
While the ogre is perceived as a character of comic books and fantasy films, the real ogre (zmeu) is a humanoid creature twice as tall as the average human being, with the skin covered with scales. It is a shape shifter, able to change into a flying dragon. To date, this last capability is known only from legends since there is no eyewitness story of an ogre changing shape into a dragon.

Calusari = Romanian mystical dancers
The origin of the Calusari can be traced to the Royal Guard of the Dacian Kings. They were mystical warriors that could fight against supernatural beings, masters in a type of martial art combining fighting techniques and ritual dances.
It was assumed that the warriors’ clan had disappeared and the dancers of modern times mimic their movement without any of the magical effects. Yet… it is known that today’s Calusari groups keep their dance moves secret and are still capable of healing sick people that were supposedly cursed by Iele.

Chief = the leader of the Calusari group (Vataf in Romanian)
The Chief is the only one who knows all the secret dance moves required to defeat a Nymph or a Naiad or to open a gate through time and space. He is trained in the warrior camps of the Hidden Kingdom and has the mission of identifying and recruiting young people which show promise of talented dancers or of owning the magical powers of a Solomonar.

Solomonar = Romanian wizard
The Solomonars are Romanian wizards that have gathered and preserved the entire knowledge of the Universe known to men. They fight against the dark forces of nature and the evil that found its place in the human spirit. The simple mention of their existence as real fact is punishable by death today. A risk of which the author is aware.
They live among the people of this world hidden and protected by Romanians all over the world. They demand from humanity to make the effort to evolve for the betterment of all people. They test the kindness of those around them showing up as beggars and asking for help. If they are not received well, they will punish the human who let evil into his heart.
The people who got rich by exploiting and stealing from others have found renegade Solomonars to protect them. These mercenaries are called Master Stonemasons. In exchange for the help offered by the stonemasons to the Catholic Church (armed protection and financial services) they were allowed to form organizations known as Masonic Lodges and were portrayed as the “good and virtuous ones”. Corporations nowadays use the services of mercenary masons for everything they need to keep hidden: industrial espionage, economic wars and so on.

The Hidden Kingdom = the Romanian Nation
Unnoticed by people forming the actual political and social reality of Romania, there is a hidden organization with only one purpose: freeing the humans from this artificial universe, in which only planet Earth is inhabited.
They do not get involved in pitiful fights for scraps (land or material riches) and their presence is never noticed.
Most of the Romanian youth is enrolled in mandatory military service but some of them, instead of going through normal military training, are trained in fighting supernatural beings, controlling specific weapons and improving on the specific moves of the Calusari dance that can give them access to a higher state of consciousness and superhuman strength.
Even the simple mention of the Hidden Kingdom’ existence is strictly forbidden.

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