We started a company of renting apartments with one apartment and we weren’t very sure that it will work. After a discussion with Emanuel we understood that we are not reaching the right audience. Now we have 3 locations and a high occupancy level. We have bookings with 2-3 months in advance.
Although Emanuel says that our work is making us money, he has his contribution in helping us develop a customer relationship management procedure and building a website that we like and is user friendly.
I recommend you to work with him only if you are willing to learn from somebody who has a real business experience and can do for you more than a website.

 Dan Varna – Owner www.stefanapartment.ro


We are friends with Emanuel for years now. When he came to us and insisted that we should change our website, we accepted and appreciated his initiative and ideas.
He understood very quickly the specifics of our market, as well as the main competitive advantages that we wanted to emphasize through the website. In less than a month we concluded a team-building contract following an inquiry coming from the website contact form. We asked the decision maker in the company why he chose us. One of the main reasons was: I like your website.
What else is to say here? Thank you, Emanuel!

 Adrian & Roxana – Owners www.aquahr.ro


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